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There’s more than just the machine to consider when you’re buying used equipment. You need to know you can get the financing you need, the transportation to get it delivered safely, the warranty that gives you peace of mind, the service to keep it going, and much more. 

Much, much more.

That’s what you get when you work with NMC Remarketing.


NMC Remarketing offers low interest rate installment plans with 12 to 60 month terms. We also have 12 to 60 month lease options available. Need a flexible payment schedule? Payment schedules can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual terms. Click here to learn more.


The warranty level is based on the NMC Remarketing Equipment Certification level you choose: NMC Certified, NMC Work Ready, or NMC Inspected. Warranty coverage includes the repair or replacement of defective parts on a length of time usage – not per hour usage. The balance of original factory warranty is available if applicable. You can also take advantage of optional extended protection plans from 90 days to 2 years with different maximum hour usage limits. Choose from multiple available coverages: powertrain only, powertrain plus hydraulics, or full coverage.

Preventive Maintenance (CSA)

You know that if you take care of something it’ll last longer. A preventive maintenance plan, or Customer Support Agreement (CSA), are customizable based upon your equipment service needs. Choose your plan and maintenance levels. You can also choose to have maintenance performed in your shop or ours – or even in the field. Learn more about what a Customer Support Agreement can do for your equipment maintenance.


Could your used machine use a cosmetic improvement or two? Our certified technicians, experienced paint and blast shop, welders and hydraulic experts are at the ready to restore the look of your used equipment.

Transportation & Transportation Insurance

NMC Transport is a comprehensive heavy machinery and construction equipment hauling company. With an expanding fleet, a focus on safety, and an experienced team that handles dispatch, permitting, and other support services – NMC Transport can handle any equipment transportation need throughout Nebraska and the surrounding areas.

When NMC Transport moves your machine from here to there, you’ll feel confident knowing your shipment is covered with $500,000 in standard cargo coverage. Additional high limit coverage is also available if needed.

Field Inspection Services & Reports

We can inspect your machine and provide you with a comprehensive report that includes multiple equipment and component photos. The report is formatted by machine section, i.e. engine, transmission, undercarriage, etc. It also includes appropriate measurements and a listing of mechanical and cosmetic repairs. This inspection can help determine the value of the machine when making a trade, purchase or consignment.

Consignment Services

When it’s time to sell your used machine – regardless of brand or model – the NMC Remarketing team is here to help. We can connect your used machine to more potential customers which can get your machine sold faster. And – you can potentially sell it for a higher price without paying those high auction fees.

What you can expect when you resell machines through NMC Remarketing:

  • You control the price
  • Free machine inspection & price evaluation by expert inspectors
  • Our experienced team is here to help you get the best deal
  • Your machine is marketed to a broad audience including NMC customers as well as potential buyers outside of NMC territory
  • Your machine is listed on several online sources including the,, and more
  • Display your machine on our used equipment lot
  • Transportation arrangements
  • And more

For details about our consignment options, including how to start the process, contact us today at 844-316-5650.

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